Who we are

What is Neural AI?

Advanced AI algorithms: Neural AI uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze market trends and provide investors with valuable insights.

Decentralization: Neural AI is a fully decentralized platform, which means that investors have complete control over their assets and are not subject to the risks associated with centralized exchanges.

Who we are

Why Neural AI will be revolutionary?

Neural AI is a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. By integrating artificial intelligence with neural network algorithms, this innovative approach is bringing advanced decision-making, predictive analysis and trading capabilities to the crypto space. With Neural AI, we aim to provide our users with a more efficient and intelligent platform for managing their crypto assets and investments.

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Neural AI Developments

Neural AI Asset Intelligence: An unbiased perspective on crypto assets

Neural AI - Asset Intelligence reports provide in-depth information spanning a project’s background to its technical integrations, to give you peace of mind when incorporating new assets and protocols into your product or portfolio

Neural AI Staking Dashboard

By leveraging the power of AI, a Neural AI-powered staking system can provide users with a more efficient and profitable staking experience, helping them earn higher rewards and grow their investment. You will have option to Stake $NEURALAI and reap massive APR rewards as well.

Neural AI Smart Investment Bot

An AI product to help you Analyse the market by leveraging the power of Neural AI, investment analysis can become more accurate, efficient, and data-driven, providing investors with a competitive edge and helping you to achieve your financial goals.

Neural AI NFT Marketplace

A Neural AI will leverage AI to improve various aspects of its NFT Marketplace, such as pricing, discovery, and authentication. Neural will share the 20% of the fees from the NFT Marketplace sale back to investors. Reward distribution is in proportion on tokens holding

Neural AI Telegram AI Bot GPT3

A Neural AI Telegram AI Bot powered by GPT-3 will be used to provide financial advice, answer questions about markets and investments, and perform real-time market analysis. Neural AI bot will be totally free, where any Telegram user will have access it.

Neural AI Copy Trader

A Neural AI Copy Trader is a type of trading system that uses AI to analyze market data and copy the trading decisions of successful traders in real-time.



Neural AI is next generation tools to unlock data at a large scale with power of AI

  • - Token name: Neural AI
  • - Ticker Symbol: $NEURALAI
  • - Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) & Ethereum Chain (ERC-20)
  • - Total Supply: 1 Billion (1,000,000,000)
  • - Token tax: 0% Tax

Token Distribution

  • Public Sale tokens : 25%
  • Liquidity: 15%
  • Staking Reward: 10%
  • CEX Listing Tokens: 15%
  • AI Development Reserve: 10%
  • Initial Burn: 25%
OUr Roadmap


Stage 1

Stage 1

Idea & Concept Branding, Landing page, Litepaper Back-end development beta stage Contract Audit

Stage 1

Front-end development beta stage Global Marketing Campaign CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing BSCScan Verification Staking Dashboard
Stage 2

App beta test

Pinksale Fair Launch DEX Launching Telegram AI Bot GPT3 Listing on Tier-1 CEXs

Stage 2

Social Media Ads Campaign Neural AI NFT Marketplace Copy Trader AI Bot Paid Marketing & Media Campaign
Stage 3

Stage 3

V2 Whitepaper Release Celebrity Partnership Website V2 Release Asset Intelligence Dapp

Stage 3

Smart Investment AI Bot Further Tier-1 Exchange Listing Certik Audit
Stage 4

Stage 4

Expanding Ecosystem Daaps UI upgrade to V2 Sponsorship & Partnership Worldwide Celebrity Brand Ambassdors

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